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Transforming Lives Everyday! Discover how you can earn an additional income of SGD3,500 to $6,000 per month within 1 year using an E-commerce platform…..Even without any experience

This simple platform has empowered more than 1000 women in Singapore and Malaysia to enjoy the freedom of time and money to achieve their goals in life! They are able to spend more time with their family and friends without worry about their financials.

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Who Should Attend This Workshop

If you are one of the below

.. we have a solution for you

• Are you a working mother or a stay at home mother

• Are you willing to learn to earn a stable passive income for youfamily ?

• Are you stuck with your high demanding 9-6 jobs ? (with yearly increment barely enough to cover the high inflation of 6-7%.)

• Are you forced to leave your children or your old age parents to your helpers ?

• Are you a working mother who is relying on your monthly salary as your only source of income and is afraid of losing their job?

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* Limited Seats Available*

Our opportunity and Our community

“Here’s what we will be revealing in these 2 hours session.

• The “eCommerce System and platform A simple, copy and paste system that is helping a community of woman raking in money to their bank accounts consistently every month!! Some even quit their jobs to become full time entrepreneurs.

• How to leverage on the boom in the e-commerce business that is increasing rapidly worldwide to make money even with no experience.

Do you know $1.915 trillion of sales come from e-commerce market alone! You’ll will soon learn the approach to generate income online.

• How to have a second stream of income other than your monthly salary.

Fun Fact: Most of the people who join us have NO IT background yet they are able to build their online business successfully.

• Hear And See Yourself Real live testimonial from people who has benefited from this platform

• Low risk & high returns platform Find out how this platform empower woman to make income passively with almost zero risk.

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* Limited Seats Available*

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what people says

  • "I am really thrilled to find this platform that enable me to start my online business. Just within few months, i am able to see results!! I am confident that i can achieve my passive income with the step by step guide. " ~ Lilian Tan.

    ~ Lilian Tan
  • "I have been a stay at home mum for 30 years. I cannot believe how easy this platform is for people like me with zero IT skills to start an online business. I am happy that i make the first step to embark on this journey. " ~ Merci.

    ~ Merci
  • "I am a retired college principal, I am so amazed that this platform enable me to have a second career by working at home. Thank you women empowerment platform for giving me this opportunity!!" ~ Valli.

    ~ Valli

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